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It's About Time

A client asked me to look for a wall clock for her. I have never hung a clock on the wall in my years of doing design and realized that is because I don't have any clocks in my own home! I don't even own a watch. I am sure there is some psychology behind that which would be interesting to learn. Anyway, I am sorry to my clients for projecting my own time beliefs onto you! These images got me to thinking if you are going to hang a clock on a wall...why not go big!

Country Style
(not a clock, but still...)

House Beautiful
(1930's Philidelphia Factory Clock)

I am so PO'ed...I cannot find the third photo I was looking for which was in the Atlanta store South of Market I took a couple of years ago when they had this huge canary yellow industrial French wall clock and of course they worked the rest of the vignette around it brilliantly. Boo! If I find it I will add because it was killer.

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