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My Apologies

Oh my poor blog...how I have neglected you so. My posts have been pretty lame for the last month or so. My sincere apologies. I love blogging so much but just have not had the time to devote to it like I want to (boo hoo). I haven't even had much time to read all of my favorite blogs (sniff, sniff). I feel the need to say this to you (outloud-ish) so that I will be committed to re-focusing on this hobby that I so enjoy. Starting tomorrow...until then, I am in desperate need of some help from my designer/blogger friends. I pre-sold 3 of these bad boys to a client and they are beyond perfection for their newly remodeled kitchen. However, they are no longer available. HELP! I haven't told the clients yet as I refuse to accept defeat. The wife reads my blog so I also hope to get to her with good news before she sees this. Do any of you know who manufactured these bar stools? Or know where I can get three? I will owe you immensely. I cannot go to Highpoint as expected so I am super desperate.

You can leave me a message or email me sidney@eclectic-idg.com. Thanks!

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