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My friend/client/marketing expert (who is super talented if you need someone call her Eskimo Advertising) asked me for a picture of me in a room I have designed. I don't have one. But I use to work for this designer who I think has a photo of her in every room she has ever been in. (You know the type.) Well, I saw this photo in House Beautiful last night and just loved it. You go Thomas! Way to be cute, charming AND natural.

[Love the non-fussy, perfectly put together room!]

So what type of "poser" are you?
Here are some photos I have collected over the years of my design role models to help you decide.

Are you a diva who matches your outfit to the room?
[I kinda want to be this person. Is that wrong?]

Or are you classic and timeless?
This photo could have been taken 50 years ago and will probably look current in another 50 years.
[Love that!]

Or are you relaxed and casual?
[Love animals in the photos! Shows a lived in home.]

Or are you a little bit witty?
[Eddie cracks me up...I am dying to know what is going through his head!]

I think Celerie does an excellent job of achieving all three: she is classic, she shows her personality, she is relaxed and she matches her interiors!
[Well played Celerie, well played.]

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