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My Latest Hunting Trip

As I mentioned before, I went to my cousin's wedding in Statesboro, Georgia. As we pulled into town there was nothing but farms and farmland until "what to my wondering eyes should appear"...but antique stores galore! But with a weekend packed full of wedding and birthday activities there was just no time. Absolute torture!!! But I have been doing some junk store hunting lately and thought I would share some of my current finds...

I like your yellow outfit but I would 86 the vinyl and do a knubby linen instead.

This kitchy seahorse would be a cool doorstopper at a beach house or in a little girl's bedroom.

This pen and ink of a train would be so cute in a little boys bedroom!

I would give you a turquoise or green mat and a new updated frame.

Too bad they didn't have another "L" (get it? LOL)

I am a sucker for old foundry parts as art on a wall, tabletop or bookshelf.

Saw this at Habitat in Mt. P for you local folks who covet a campaign dresser.

Or desk. They might look ugly now but they can look like this...

I SO want to paint you a fun color and put you on my porch!

I would give you a new outfit. Maybe something like this...

Trina Turk Santorini Print
for Schumacher

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