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Pro or Con: Painted Stripes

I don't know...I am iffy on the circus/prison stripes. I feel like everyone did this like 8-10 years ago. But, I have seen some images lately that haven't looked so dated. Maybe the key is to keep the decor simple? And keep the stripes tone on tone so it doesn't look like a circus tent? Or better to just go for it? What do you think?

I like that they took it to the ceiling. Makes the image above look unfinished. Although I do hear "dodododidaloohooo" playing in my head...(that is "Entrance of the Gladiators" for those of you that couldn't get my humming).

Now stripes on the horizontal...that I could get on board with!!! PRO, PRO, PRO!

Bravo to you Mary McDonald for taking it to the next level!!!

I love you Lonny but if I were a man bathing in this room then I would definitely be scared to drop the soap!

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