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Decorganizing Wednesday: Fabrics

This is a clever way to organize fabric swatches for a project!

This is for all you interior designers out there. I am dying to hear from you all as to how you organize your fabric memos, swatches and/or books. Personally, I cannot stand the books! I don't like to be told how to match fabrics! In fact, I cut the fabrics I like out of them and throw the actual books out (sorry reps!). Except for the solids like a solid silk book, those I keep. I have a bunch of baskets and bins that are labeled by type of fabric: Silks, Cottons, Velvets/Leathers, Linens, Sheers, Matalesse, Outdoor, etc. in which I put the memos and/or books of solids. Or I organize them by type of print: Graphic Patterns, Organic Prints, Stripes, etc. This works for me based on how I work on a project...if I am looking for a print as a jumping off point then I can grab one of these bins, search for the print I need and then easily search for my coordinating prints and/or solids. [I should mention that I live in Charleston, SC and we do not have access to a design center (boo! although I do go to ADAC often) so I have had to create my own fabric library.]

My fabric bins...

So designers...please share with us how you organize your fabrics!

Do you fold your's on shelves like this?

via flikr

Some other ideas: clear plastic bins, clear over the door shoe holders, towel or curtain rods, books on peg board...

Check out Celerie Kemble's office...that must be nice!

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