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Talk About A Designer Challenge!

I just spent the last 12 hours with a client. One of my oldest (guess I should say longest) clients whom I adore! I have designed her 1890's home in the Old Village, her second home on Pumpkin Island, her office at the marina in downtown Charleston and now her new home on front beach Isle of Palms. We are temporarily making her home fantastic for a party tomorrow night but ultimately we are making it beautiful for her family to enjoy for the duration. We cranked out an amazing design plan for the entire downstairs in a short amount of time and I cannot wait to see the end result! Although she did give me on of the biggest design challenges...ever...working both a piano and a sectional sofa into one room. Oh, and a room that has angled walls. Yeah, that's right. Hopefully I can work some magic...

Funny, when I googled both "piano" and "sectional sofa" in a room setting, these were the only images I could find. Should I tell my client that???

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