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The Magic of Re-Decorating

Katie Joel's Home

This is a great example of re-decorating! Same space, completely different look. You can do this seasonally or every couple of years. If your home needs a "facelift" give me a call! I LOVE how you can give your home a totally new look with just a few simple changes. For information on my re-decorating services, click here.

Some other examples of re-decorating...
(granted these were for photo shoots but you get the idea!)

Jenna Lyon's Closet

Rita Konig's Apartment

And on an unrelated note...did anyone see this shot that hit the news yesterday? Cameron Diaz spotted in Brazil with a mystery man...

Isn't this Brad, Rachel Zoe's assistant? I should probably add...her flamboyant and openly gay assistant!

I could be wrong but if not either the people at E! are falling asleep on the job or it was a REALLLY slow news day.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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