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Stupid Design Star...

So I am home sick today and getting caught up on the show Design Star. Ugh. Pardon me as I step onto my soapbox...

Judge the Designs

First of all, why can't they have individual challenges? Most designers do not work with a team of five other designers (some might, but most don't). Granted you might have an assistant or two and yes you do have a "team" of various subs-carpenter, painter, electrician, seamstress, etc. But there is just no way that five different designers will EVER agree on the same design. So it will NEVER be cohesive. I guess they do this for the drama of the show but it urks me to no end! And yes, you do have to work well with others in order for your design to be implemented but that is something you work out as a designer, on your own, over time and through trial and error of testing various subs through different projects.

Dan Faires

Secondly, I am pissed they sent Dan home based solely on his hosting ability. I get that the winner of this competition will have their own show but isn't it a DESIGN show? And surely they will school the winner in some way on hosting before they start filming their show, right? Alex was in the bottom two EVERY week...shouldn't that tell you something about his design capabilities? I mean why not just hire someone from broadcasting school if you don't care about these people's design skills? Didn't HGTV learn their lesson last time when they picked Kim (a hairstylist with a "flair" for design) because of her on camera gold? That show was a real hit.

Thirdly, what is with all these lame challenges? I get that design can be influenced by many different things-music and flowers for example but why not let an individual pick one of these things and then design a room around it. Then judge the room on its overall design and perhaps the use of design principles. I am sorry but I don't think you can judge a designer based on their interpretations of an object...interpretation is subjective. It is like critiquing someone on what they see in an abstract painting. Every person that looks at that abstract painting is going to see it differently and feel differently when they view it.

Fourthly, why are Vern's panties all in a wad? Geez! Chillax my friend, design should be fun!

That is all, stepping down now...

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