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Pro or Con: Floating Shelves

I am veheminatly against floating wall shelves (and brackets for that matter) that serve no purpose. And I see it SO often! I know they sell them everywhere and people buy them to fill up space on a wall but they have no idea how to a) hang them and b) accessorize them.

Please don't ever do this!!!

(I am so sorry to you, whoever you are!!! But I had to prove my point.)

You will see that I only have a certain style of floating shelves represented here and that is because I am biased, this is the only kind I like. Why? They are designed to be installed into studs so that they can actually hold weight and not pull out of the wall. And they hold more than a single candle.

I think they are great to add architectural detail to a niche like this...

Or in a child's room to keep precious toys out of reach!

(LOVE how Lee K. added the rod underneath to hang clothes!)

They are also great in a kitchen to break up all the heavy cabinetry...

And who says they have to be wood? LOVING the marble!

And when done right, I like them to display art or photos...

And look at this clever minx, great idea when you are short on space!

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