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123, ABC

I have always liked the concept of letters (or numbers) in a nursery, I mean why not have art that is functional! Designer Sara Richardson did it right (above) by taking letters of different fonts, sizes and painting them all different colors and hanging them above a rail at the top of the ceiling. Bravo! And I don't mind seeing the child's name written on the wall but let's face it, this concept has been WAY over done (thanks Pottery Barn!). But I am really digging the concept of doing something outside the box with a name or the alphabet. Like the designers of formbaby.com did in their son's nursery below where she used stencils to paint the name on the wall in a glossy finish against the matt wall (or perhaps they are decals?) either way she nailed it!

I think stainless letters/numbers would be cool and give the nursery a modern edge.

Via purmodern.com

This custom made artwork is cute too!

Via Form-Baby.com

I have always wanted to find vintage blocks and hang them on a wall, maybe in a large grid?

Anyone have any other "outside the box" types of ideas they have done or seen? Not creative?No worries. I did an etsy.com search and found some cute stuff out there and all you have to do is buy in and hang it on your wall!

By BellyBabies

By BellyBabies

By artandphilanthropy

By potatopatch

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