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Re-Decorating Contest

In today's economy, so much emphasis is being placed on decorating on a budget. Understandable, right? I feel that you can make BIG impact with small changes. Namely, by re-Decorating a space. You can give your home a fresh new look instantly by editing, moving some things around and adding a few new pieces.

Soooo, I am holding a lil' contest folks! If you have an area of your home that you want to re-Decorate (mantle, foyer table, bookcase, etc.), email me a picture of your space and give me a few thoughts on what you would like to achieve. I will pick one space to give free design advice on and this space will be featured on my blog next week.

Here is an example I have shown before of Rita Konig's living room. See, what I mean? Quick fix! (Well, apart from the re-upholstery!)

The deadline is this Friday, September 3rd so hurry up!

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