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You may or may not remember a post I did a while back on hunky carpenters. It is ok if you don't, here is the link. Well one of those carpenters sent me a sweet email thanking me for mentioning him on my blog. I was wildly embarrassed since I was basically giving him a verbal whistle! Sooo, I decided I needed to give him a more legit shout out this go around.

Jared Walker Dostie is not just a TV host, he is a legit, licensed carpenter who has his own business in California. He has teamed up with Tom Filicia on the show Tacky House airing Wednesdays at 11:00 on the Style Network. He also designs a line of custom furniture. Want to learn more about him, go visit his website. Need a little more encouragement? Let me show you his photo again...

Dang, there I go again with the hootin'! Sorry Jared!
Let's get back to business...here is some of his custom made furniture.


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