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I don't claim to know a lot about art. But I do know what I like! And to me that is all that matters when it comes to purchasing art...you have to love it, be moved by it and/or leave the gallery or shop dreaming about it. Through all my blog reading, I have come across some amazing artists (I love) lately and wanted to share these talents with you.

Teresa Cline Gallery

Twenty Six in her Ocean Moods Collection

Artist Vanessa Briggs

Sunset 10

Etsy Artist Sara Tetley
White Cottage With Orange Door

Etsy Artist ArtAnd
Nude No. 1

Artist Annie Kammerer Butrus
Four Seasons: Winter

And while talking about art, I wanted to mention The Charleston Artist Collective, a website for local artists that want to showcase their work outside of the conventional gallery setting. Each month, the site features artist's interpretations of a new theme and a percentage of the sales goes back towards the community. Go check it out!

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