I Am FLORed!

I am LOVING this rug from FLOR!!!
Individual carpet tiles that work in many ways...

Spill on one tile, it can be easily replaced. Great if you have kids! (Or if you are clumsy.)

Have you been watching the NATE show? Apparently he invited a bunch of design bloggers to a taping. Clearly, my invite got lost in the mail! But from the sound of it I am glad that I missed it. Read what happened here. I watched the first episode and had high hopes for the show. I heart Nate. However, I have dvr'ed it and finally watched a few shows this weekend. The Dolly episode did make me weep like a sissy when she sang "I Will Always Love You" to the family that lost their mom at childbirth. And cheers to Nate for helping people in their time of need. But I wish he would have just one show a week with WAY better content. Let's take Oprah out of the loop and let Nate do his thing...design. He is good at it. [To end on a comic note...I must admit it was rather awkward when Dolly sang a bit of "Jolene" to the very same family! WTF? Poor song choice Dolly.]

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