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What Makes You Happy?

I love this! I do think that each day you can make the choice to be happy or not. It ain't always easy but you CAN make the choice. And on those especially hard days, try to think of some things that make you happy. Today I will be thinking of...

I cannot resist a Golden. I want one!

Interior Design

People that pay me to do interior design!

My favorite men.

The color blue.

The beach.

Listening to good music.

Being creatively stimulated.

Laughing out loud.

Retail Therapy.

An organized closet.

And here are a couple of things that have made me happy lately...

When my nephew Finn told me I should buy the house next door to my brother as we saw the current tenants moving out so that he could see me whenever he wanted. (Sweetheart) He also told me he thought it was "weird" that I wasn't married but I choose to ignore that comment.

When my nephews told me that I was their favorite aunt! (Nevermind the fact that I am their only aunt.)

When I found the perfect pair of knee-high grey suede boots, in my size AND on sale. (Score!)

Getting Mexican and margaritas with one of my best buds and seeing her face light up as she talked about her new man! (Yeah!!!)

Seeing my friends with their new babies...I had six friends have babies within about six weeks of each other. (Joy!)

What makes you happy???

Happy Friday Everyone...Choose Happiness today!

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