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I don't know what it is with me and cubbies but I love them! They make me so happy especially when you find the perfect basket or bin to fit in them [Cough: Dork]. Perhaps it takes me back to kindergarten when I had my first cubby. Times were simpler then...all I had to think about were things like: Did I remember my lunch? What art project were we going to do that day? Who I would play with on the playground? Ahhhhh...kids are so lucky.

I have a TON of cubbies in my office and I want to paint them...what color are we thinking? These photos make me think white. Definitely, white.

And I will might add some labels like this...


Van Dykes

Sidebar: I want to cover my project desk in zinc...anyone know how to buy a sheet of zinc locally?
P.S. My desk is never that clean. [Whisper: Never.]
P.P.S. Yes, those ottomans are a mauve shiny velvet. I found them at an antique store and have yet to recover them. Ok, done with the disclaimers for today.

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