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Mi Casa

We stayed at La Casa Que ve al Mar (we were in the top left corner) which literally means "house with a view of the ocean". Or if you don't speak Spanish well and you have been drinking all day you can say it like this to the taxi driver "Blah, blah, blah Casa al Mar." Surprisingly it worked enough to get me home.

This is the view from our Penthouse...


Yeah, you heard me, the Penthouse. That's how I roll people.
And yes, we had our very own infinity pool.

These Alabaster sconces were amazing! Alabaster is so prevalent there and cheap! Too bad I only had one carry on.

So were these Moravian Stars...

And these killer basket pendants...

This is what you put above your bed if you don't want any action...

This was our outdoor shower which also had the same view of the bay.

It would have been amazing except for the whole "don't drink the water" issue. I was too busy closing my mouth and/or spitting to enjoy the view. By the by, seven people on our trip got the Montezuma's Revenge...including the poor bride.

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