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As Christmas nears, I always reflect back to my youth and all the excitement that this holiday promised. And these reflections usually encompass massive amounts of Barbie. I was obsessed! I still am in a way. I adore my nephews and the tomboy in me loves playing sports and wii with them however, I wouldn't mind a niece to have an exscuse to play with/shop for Barbies on a regular basis. Whenever I go to Target I purposely cruise through the Barbie isle just to see what's "new" in the world of Barbie. Yes, I am aware how creepy that sounds.

My all time favorite, the Southern Belle of Barbies, Peaches n' Cream.

The business gal in me loved the Day To Night Barbie with the home/office combo.

I inherited lots of Barbie stuff from family friends and relative which was awesome because our basement was a full-on Barbie Wonderland! However, most of the stuff was 70's Barbie vs. 80's Barbie. Perhaps this is why I am so into 70's fashion??? Interesting theory. Y'all remember this stuff?

Hmm, adult Sidney is suddenly realizing that my Barbie Wonderland looks more like a trailer park.

So my friend told me the funniest story that I have to share it with y'all. (And by "friend" I don't mean me.) She said that when her parents were moving she was helping them pack up the attic and found all her old Barbie stuff. Among that stuff she found a naked Barbie and Ken tied together with a rope! [I think a lot of us women (and maybe some men?) learned a lot from Barbie and Ken despite their lack of appropriate anatomy.] So my friend decided to leave them "as is" before putting them in the Goodwill box to give the person who opened that box a good laugh. I love it!

If you were a child in the 80's I know you cut your Barbie's hair...perhaps into a mohawk/rattail combo like I did. Here is a little tip, toothpaste makes for great hair color when creating "Punk Barbie"!

I remember spending hours coordinating a Barbie fashion show to the music of "Sugar Walls" by Shena Easton. Yeah, that song is not about a Gingerbread house. I had no idea until my mom asked in a concerned tone where I got that cassette tape. [I had stole it from my older brother's room of course, that is what I got all my "cool" stuff.]

Leave a comment and share your funny Barbie memory!

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