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The Silhouette

Silhouettes originated in France in the mid-1700's and were named after one of the most famous artists to practice the technique, Eteinne De Silhouette. The art made its way to America by late 1700's as an inexpensive and quick way to capture one's likeness and remained a popular until the advent of photography. Below are some updated takes on the classic art form.

I really like the colored ones!!!

Designer Tobi Fairley

Designers Massucco Warner Miller

Pillows by Thomas Paul


And perhaps the most famous silhouette of all time...

Local resident, Clay Rice, a silhouette artist who has gained fame nationwide with his works of art, each taking him only a minute to create! Clay takes after his grandfather, Carew Rice, whom Poet Carl Sandburg called "America's Greatest Silhouettist" and Pat Conroy described as "a great talent who combines soul and passion." Click here to read more about him and see a gallery of his work.

They make great Christmas gifts!

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