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Design Crush: Massucco Warner Miller

Melissa Warner, Julie Massucco, and Carrie Miller

The three principals each previously worked at top design firms in San Francisco and New York but they felt that their impact would be greater as a team. The result is Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design and Decoration- a group of highly skilled and experienced designers who each bring their unique style and energy to the table and truly enjoy working together. One of the draws of the trio, beyond their down-to-earth, friendly demeanor and upbeat style, is their ability to bring a freshness and vibrancy to projects ranging from elegantly detailed residences in Presidio Heights to handsome, modern spaces in West Hollywood, or mid century, kid-friendly homes in Seattle. Using classical motifs in a modern way, the designers work closely with their clients and craftspeople to achieve exceptional spaces that reflect their clients' personalities and lifestyles. -via their website.

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