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Designer Peeve: "Curtains"

I cannot stand drapes that stop at the window sill! I call them "curtains" instead of "drapes." You will never hear me use the term "curtains" unless it is in a mocking tone. They remind me of capri pants and I cannot stand them either! (Sorry if this offends you) But no one and I repeat, no one looks good in capri pants. They stop at such an awkward place on your leg that it makes you look wider than you are and then people wear socks and shoes with them. Ugh.

Case in point...

(Note: I exclude work-out pants from this argument.)

See how awkward this looks?

Did they run out of fabric?

It feels like a Highlights Magazine puzzle to me...what is missing in this photo?

The exception is if the window is above a sink, desk, etc. and therefore cannot go to the floor. Like so...

via Urban Grace Blog

Southern Living

And the fashion exception are Bermuda shorts...

In my opinion, drapes should go to the floor. Why? Because they elongate the room much like pants at the proper length elongate your legs. (Instead of chopping up the room with curtains or your legs with capri pants.) Make sense?

Now drapes can be slightly off the floor like 1/4" or 1/2"...

Elle Decor

Or they can puddle...

However, I don't recommend puddling drapes if you have kids, pet or allergies as they are a magnet for dust and pet hair and well, kids will just mess with them!

And if you move from one house to another and want to use the same drapes but they are too short, try adding a large section at the bottom in a coordinating color to make them the correct length. Like so...

Designer Suzanne Kasler

Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed in this post are solely of Eclectic Interior Design Group. I realize that someday, "curtains" might make a comeback and I might regret having put this in print. However, that is a chance I am willing to take .

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