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This Week I...

Went to market in Atlanta despite the snow/ice. I must say, I was under-whelmed. I understand that companies aren't creating much new product-wise or going over the top with their displays due to the economy but I am bored and ready to be dazzled! The best thing I saw was this and I am not even sure if it was a display or something for sale!

Ok, maybe I am exaggerating...

I did have a decor-gasm over this chandelier!

These were thick, solid and heavy (can't remember what they were made of...anyone? Bueller?)

This zinc table was killer! It can twirl around to raise bar top height.

That orange box is actually leather!

I SO wanted this to be the new trashcan for my office but alas it was already sold. Drat! It is a "dolly tub" (wash basin) from England.

You know how I LOVE me some zinc/galvanized flair.

And I really liked this idea...which I assume was for the ease of display purposes at markets but to highlight a sconce with architectural interest. You could use an old shutter or door also.

While at market I went to a seminar entitled "Blogging, Business & Bites" with a panel of fellow design enthusiasts including(from l to r): Barry-Leach of bluerememberedhills.com, Jennifer Boles of thepeakofchic.com, Brian Patrick Flynn of decordemon.com, Niki Papadopoulous of yummyscrumptious.blogspot.com and Claire Watkins of highglossblue.com. It was interesting to hear how other bloggers got started blogging and learn how it has evolved for them professionally!

Discovered "Damn You AutoCorrect". Have you seen this? If you have an iphone then you will surely appreciate it as the site lists all these funny autocorrect texts from iphones. Pardon the vulgarity but I have to share a few of my favorite design terms mistaken by autocorrect.

Decorating = Defacating
Couch = Cooch
Sheets = Shits


Have a great weekend!

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