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Road Trip

I went to Richmond, Virginia over the weekend with one of my good friends to visit another good friend who moved there from Charleston last year. I had big dreams of antiquing/flea marketing all the way up there. I killed a small tree printing out Google Maps mapping out all the routes along our journey. Well, it rained non-stop the entire way and we got so lost attempting Stop #1 that we decided to abort mission. (However, we did get a good giggle out of the hot dog restaurant Weiner Works-really? really?).

If I had been solo, I would have trekked on. In fact, it was kinda torture to be driving through three states and not stopping along the way looking for treasures! If you are at all like me, you know of which I speak. And my sweet friend that lives in Richmond isn't really into home decor so I only had the heart to make her go to one shop. We had seen it the night before while at dinner and I was itching to go back!

Yeah, that is me peeking through the window!

Ruth & Ollie

I do have a question in case anyone reading knows the answer...I have Googled but haven't been able to find out why so many front doors in Richmond were painted really bright colors? It is a Colonial town so I can see the Architectural Review Boards sticking to a historical palate but these colors did not seem at all historical to me...they were more electric and neon. Anyhoo, if you know, shoot me a line as I am very curious!

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