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This Week I...

Debuted my new blog! Woohoo! What do you think? Seriously, do you love it? Hate it? Anything that is hard to read? Missing? Annoying? Still working on some kinks but other than that...I owe a big thanks to the super talented Marina of Penny Lane Designs for being super patient with this hard to please client. I guarantee you she was cursing my name as I took away all of her creative freedom and made about 1,000 changes. Bless your heart!

Saw the empty fireplace box at my clients. Turns out that it was just an empty wooden box not really built for actual fires so tearout was fairly easy and has opened up many possibilities for this artist studio! I am hoping to convince said client to tear out the generic stock cabinetry and do some real custom built-ins, yeah, you know, the good stuff! If I had hooked up my scanner by now I would scan in the sketches.

Found out the main fabric I speced to a client for her living room is discontinued. Nooooooooooooo! (said like Monica on Friends) I haven't told her yet so she might read it here first. If so, I have't given up! If anyone has any of this or knows where I can get some or even wants to sell me their memo...PLEASE let me know!

David Hicks for Lee Jofa Pattern: La Fiorentina in Color: Aqua

Made a bad design decision. I know, I know...it's shocking. The grasscloth I was so excited about for a client looks awful because it had to be seamed and grasscloth being a natural material doesn't really line up perfectly. It isn't a big deal on the tighter weaves but this is a large, patterned weave and it just ain't right. So for all of you who thought I was perfect...I'm not. (I will pause for the dramatic reaction). But as I told my client...sometimes Plan B ends up being better than Plan A. Here's hoping!

Finished up some last min tasks like taking photos and pricing and uploading it all into my online shop and will debut it next week so get out your wallets and prepare to shop!

Have a great weekend!!!

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