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I often have people ask me "How do you find so much to talk about on your blog?" This question kinda makes me laugh because if you were in my head you would know that I could talk about this stuff ALL DAY LONG. Literally.

I mean clearly design is my profession so I spend 9-5 thinking about interior design. But if you are a designer you know that you also spend the other 16 hours of the day thinking about it too. And I do mean 16 because sometimes you don't sleep. You lie in bed wondering if you selected the right fabric for that ottoman or do I tile the entire wall or just the backsplash or should I do one large statement piece of art or an entire grouping over the sofa?

And if that wasn't enough! I have been known to spend many o' weekends hauled up in my house reading design blogs while catching up with my dvr. Seriously, some days I don't leave the house. It is addicting! [And probably sad to some of you.] Before blogs, I would sit down and go through a whole year's worth of magazines in a day...making sketches and notes and copies, basically getting inspired! When you are passionate about design (heck, about anything!) you just cannot get enough of it!

The other night I was talking with a friend who is a boat Captain and we were discussing the perils of having your passion also be your profession. Bottom line: you can't turn it off! I really worry about this. I worry that I will get burnt out. But I am a passionate person by nature and I know that if I don't love what I do, I won't excel at it. Nor will I be happy. And I am confident that design is what I was put on this Earth to do (how is that for dramatic!?!).

So how do I answer this question when someone asks me? [The short version, not the long version that I just gave you.] I simply say "When you love what you do, it comes naturally."

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