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This Week I...

Finally had the casters added to my project table. Now I look like a four year old sitting at my desk because my seat is too low. It is hilarious! But I must add, doing wonders for my posture. And yes, I did think of this before I added the casters but didn't think it would matter that much. I was wrong. Next up...I am painting the desk top grey. Pics to follow!

I went to the Wine&Food Festival of Charleston. I had never been before but if I ever go back, I will go later than 11 am so that I can drink more wine! I know that kills all true wine connoisseurs but I'm sorry, I refuse to spit it out. Anyway, I was loving all the wine barrels and thinking of all the things you could do with them...

Table is the obvious answer but I wanted more so I did a Google search and there was some crazy sh*t out there like pet beds, lazy Susan's, coolers, vehicles (yeah, you heard me). My dad is a landscape architect and he would use them as planters in our house growing up. Here are some other things I found...

via Elle Decor

via inspiredbride

And everyone know's this guy, the chandelier that put BoBo on the map.

Tyler Florence's shop in Napa

Any other ideas???

Went to happy hour (are you sensing a theme?) at the new Rice Market on East Bay. It was the old Boathouse and before that Arizona's if you are local. They had some cool things going on with the decor!

Driftwood stair railing...(the owner said they found all of the pieces locally)

Cool twig light fixtures...(anyone know if Ann Yancy made these?)

Dropped off a few things to be painted for my online shop, Eclectic Finds. If you haven't gone yet, go check it out!


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