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This Week I...

Got "the finger" from an old lady who thought I was driving too fast on Seabrook. I kinda wanted to give one back to her as 25mph is way too slow! Not all of us are retired...some of us have places to be! Besides, I'm from Atlanta, second only to L.A. in road rage.

Went to Charleston Architectural Glass to check on a client's project. I took a pic of the studio but it is totally black. Too bad because they were working on some beautiful antique glass mirrors! I keep telling owner Justin Walling that he looks like Mark Harmon which is clearly a compliment but I am not sure he likes it.

Am I right?

Helped my friends over at Jackson Built Custom Homes on Daniel Island with their new office. Here is what I presented for both the overall look and storage ideas for their new digs.

Met like 60 Civil War Reenactors while they were dining at my favorite watering hole, Hometeam, on Sullivan's Island. They were here for the 150th Anniversary of the start of the Civil War and many of them came from all over the world like Scotland and Australia. It was pretty darn funny to see them ordering a beer in all their accouterments like it was totally normal.

But it stopped being funny when they started firing cannons at 6:45 am until 9:45 pm about four blocks from my house.

Photo by Greg Watkins

I am going to Athens, GA next week for a buying trip so let me know if you have any good spots (home decor, antique stores, flea markets, junk shops, etc.) that I need to hit up!

Have a great weekend!

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