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Did You Watch?

Did you watch Million Dollar Decorators last night?

Well I did and it was just what I wanted! Totally cliche and over the top Hollywood designers who are so ridiculously in love with themselves I can hardly stand to watch! But I so so will. I think my favorite part was when Mary McDonald's client called her over to tell her that she was getting a divorce and selling the house and Mary said "Ok thank God, I thought you were gonna tell me something terrible like you lost all your money." (I'm paraphrasing but you get the idea).

I do like that they are all friends. Nathan Turner and Mary McDonald are bff and Nathan said that Mary McDonald is who the character Karen, from Will and Grace is loosely based on. Not sure if that is true or a total joke but regardless, I like it! I do hope they show more of the actual design process and these talented designers work as the show goes on.

I really liked designer Nathan Turner's personality so I wanted to highlight some of his design work.


Be sure to tune in Tuesday at 10:00 on Bravo!

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