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Major Girl Crush

Keri Russell has always been one of my favorite actresses. Yes, I was a big fan of Felicity (I think I still own the dvd series-holla to JJ Abrams first hit!). First of all she is beautiful! I have a mental list of five celebrities I wish I looked like and Keri is tops on it. She is one of those women that has the ability to go from hiking a mountain to walking the red carpet and looking equally amazing at both. Not many people can pull that off, the balance of tomboy and girly-girl, and I admire that in a woman.

And I just think she has great style. Classic and elegant with a slight bohemian edge to it.

I was stoked when I saw her house featured in Elle Decor this month. If you ask me, her home totally reflects her personal style.

And she married a carpenter, kinda jealous of that too.

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