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This Week I...

Did some hunting and fishing. Here are some of the things I caught and some of the things I threw back...

Ming Coffee Table

Vintage Hat Stands

Old Grocery Cart

Green Wire Wine Basket

I would hang this on a wall. Bam.

Minus the basin (it wasn't part of it) this table could make a cool bar cart on a porch!

Huge a** screen. Hope it finds a purpose other than taking up space in my house.

I would design an entire mudroom around this bench!
(try to picture it without all that junk ontop)

Me likey with new chair cushion.

I might love this console/ottoman set more than my first born.
(Can I get away with saying that since I don't have children yet???)

These chairs are child sized. If they had cheeks I would pinch them!

Now this beaut was only $8 and it is NARSTY. But I just ordered a ton of a very pliable pebbly wallpaper for a client project and I had to order so much that I am going to use the remainder to cover this table. At least that is the game plan. I am no Jenny from Little Green Notebook but I do have good intentions.

Here is some of my inspiration...

Then I saw this over at my blog friend Sissy's blog, Blue Hydrangea, and now I really, really, really have to do it!




Have a great weekend y'all! Gonna leave you with a lil' Sam Bush as I am going to see him this weekend and couldn't be more excited!

"Take a little time for sunshine, take a whole lotta time for love / Take some time to praise and thank heaven up above / Take your life as it may come, 'cause boy, it'll be gone soon / Take a little time for howlin' at the moon."

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