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This Week I...Part I of II

Have been REAL busy! Gotta break this post up into two days for you folks so not to overwhelm you with visual eye candy.

I stopped in Columbia on my way to Atlanta to do some shopping. Found some goodies...these are the things I didn't buy.

I want to turn these old tractor seats into barstools.

Great Mid-Century chandelier (but I would use round bulbs)

Still coveting these yellow urns.

This booth was great, kinda hard to see but check out the apothecary style floor lamp in the foreground.

Chicken Feeder (seems random but you just wait! I did buy these.)

I don't know what this blue wood thing is but I forgot to go back and get it. I was gonna make it a centerpiece and put candles in it, etc. Darnit.

Ok, this is a bathtub and really gross. I feel sorry for those that had to use it because I imagine they never felt clean. However, I think it would make a great commercial sink or add legs and you have a killer beer tub for a party! [Just don't think about the prior bathing.]

Then I stopped in Augusta to see one of my best friends. We ate dinner at the French Market as they celebrated Oktoberfest which was kinda random at a French place (at least it seemed random?). My dinner date got the Crab Chop a la Charles and it was good, real good, I had food envy.

Next up was The ATL. While at ADAC, I met this guy...

Martin Lawrence Bullard. Not to be confused with this Mar-tin lawrence.

Don't you know he hates that! Anyway, he has a new book out so he was signing that and he has a new fabric line for Schumacher. It is quite fab! I will tell you more about it next week.

Then I went by a few of my favorite shops...South of Market (amazing), Pieces (it was closed and it shouldn't have been...I teared up/borderline sobbed as I peaked/eerily stared through the window for over 30 mins), Paris on Ponce (killer mix of stuff), Scarlet Loves Rhettro (lots of Mid-Century pieces, the owner just might be my sister soul mate) and Highland Row Antiques (I got here about 10 mins till closing so it was like Supermarket Sweeps...I couldn't stand it! But I did find a few things just in the nick of time!). I wish I had more time to shop in The ATL and see all my friends but it is always a world-wind!

You local folks will be seeing the goodies I bought at my booth at Southern Accents very soon!

Ok, more to share tomorrow!

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