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This Week I...Part II of II

I went to the Country Living Fair at St. Mountain Park. I had never been and I wasn't sure what to expect. I was worried it might be "country with a K" as I like to say (i.e. kountry cutsie stuff). Yes, there was some of that but for the most part it was great! And the people watching was fun. We saw a Country version of Snookie! I wanted to take a photo but thought that would be mean.

Beautiful fall day...

This was a killer booth with lots of industrial stuff. Those yellow pendant lights came home with me! [big smile]

This booth was cool too...guess these are old British train (do they call them trains? no...tube?) signs.

I'm gonna need a bigger truck.
[Get it? It's a Jaws reference.]

Sorry my photos stink. I think I was clouded by my bargain hunting high. Speaking of...more stuff I found...

My friend said this looked like something out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. ha! She's kinda right.

I almost bought this rabbit fur (For the record I am very anti-fur but I feel like buying a vintage fur is ok. I realize hat might be hypocritical.) but my man friend said I looked like his grandma. Ouch. I was going for sexy, not grandma. Then I started thinking I might look like Chevy Chase from Christmas Vacation when he got locked in the attic and had to put on his mom's old fur for warmth. So the coat remains where it is in this photo.

It is hard to see but this is the shell of a canoe and it is aqua (my fav color).

I thought about getting it and pulling a Jeffery Allen Marks...

I don't know what it is with me and chicken feeding apparatuses lately!

This was an outside bar.

And I was able to spend LOADS of time with my nephews this trip which was awesome! Took G shopping for his bday. Played dress up (maybe you call it costuming with boys?) with T. Learned every facet of baseball from F. They even played bowling on the wii with me because they know that is the only game I can really play...I just don't get Pokemon. I even got to see all three of their baseball games on Saturday...and they all won! Probably because they were trying to impress their super cool aunt. lol

I got back to Charleston just in time to make the last day of the Southern Ground Music Festival. My friend hooked us up with VIP passes. It was a great show! I heart me some Zack Brown.

To continue my VIP status (because that's how I roll), I also had the hook up at the Pro Am Jam show on Daniel Island...Mark Bryan got his mates Darius, Pat Green, Patrick Davis, Edwin McCain and some guy name Mike Mills out there to jam. Some vintage REM. It was pretty awesome!

I'm re-exhausted just telling you about it! I was suppose to go to Highpoint on Tuesday but when my alarm went off at 5 am, I turned it off, hid it under a pile of towels in my bathroom and went back to sleep.

I'm gonna rest up and get caught up this weekend. Hope y'all have a great one!

Go Dawgs!!!

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