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Design Crush (well just crush): Jeremiah Brent

I have to admit I cried with Jeremiah when they told Rachel Zoe that they were going to put eight more 'store in stores' in Bloomingdale's. And then again when Rodger rehired him at the bbq. I'm such a sap. Seeing someone's dreams realized is a surefire way to turn me into waterworks. He is a hard worker and really passionate about what he does...I can relate to him. (Or at least that is how he is portrayed on reality TV-lol-I realize I don't know him.) But Here is an interview with him after the season finale. Which is how I back up my opinions...you know...by more media.

The new Zoe Residence

Getting the chance to decorate the home of the most famous fashion stylist, Rachel Zoe, is a DREAM JOB and the fact that they let an unknown designer do it is very cool and unpretentious of them, in my opinion. What a good gig for your portfolio! I mean really. It is one project like that that can TOTALLY make your career. And looks like Jeremiah Brent is doing just that...making a career...by getting his own design business going. He's no dummy. I'm what some may call jelly (see also: jealous, green, envious).

Let's take a tour of the Zoe's (don't you know Rodger hates that!) kid friendly home, shall we?

And lil' Skyler's (love the name!) nursery...

After watching this season, I wonder if Rachel Zoe is going to have a partnership with Room & Board? If not, she sure is courtin' them hard! I hope the show comes back for another season. Heart me some Bravo and Andy Cohen.

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