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Pimpin' My Ride

So I just bought a new set of rims.

But not for my car. No, I'm not Pimpin' My Ride. I am going to repurpose them (at least that is the plan). The sweet guy at Habitat loading them into my car goes "So you have a Toyota at home?" (because I drive a Pathfinder lol) I really do buy some weird shit. (pardon my language). And this might be the weirdest thing I have bought to date. I buy normal shit, er stuff, too, I promise. Don't fear that if you hire me to design your home I will only decorate with tire rims! But I just get bored. I feel like anyone can go into a retail store, or market for that matter, and buy furniture and decorate a house. I get tired of seeing the same stuff! But that is because I am over-exposed to it. I live, eat, breath and dream interior design. If I am not designing for a client or shopping in a showroom or looking at a vendor's site online then I am looking at Pinterest or reading a design magazine or flipping through a design book...so you can see how I feel like I have seen it all. I don't mean this to sound snobby. I still like things I see in stores/catalogs/Internet/market but sometimes I want to "think outside the box" too. Like buying a set of Toyota tire rims and making them into side tables and/or ottomans. lol


Here is another "tire rim" idea of mine that is a little more mainstream. Today we installed some galvanized conduit piping as outdoor drapery hardware at a client's on Daniel Island. I say we, but really my installer did the work. And I do mean work because it was 80 degrees...in November...in Charleston and he was sweating...profusely. I, however, along with my buddy David from ACE (adore him), did all the real work (kidding) coming up with the plan prior to install. It looks pretty FAWESOME! (freaking + awesome) if I do say so myself! Take a look...

One panel is missing (far left) in this photo. And these photos are TERRIBLE. Don't judge.

Why galvanized conduit piping you may ask? Well, one if you are a loyal reader you know I am obsessed with anything galvanized. But mainly because it is outdoor friendly, it is inexpensive and it coordinates with this little guy...

Who also lives on the porch.

I'll try to get better pics when the porch is finished and styled. How often do I say that and never do it???

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