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This Week I...

Finally spent some QT (quality time) on Etsy. Rut-ro. I went looking for one thing and about three hours and several hundred dollars later I had to logout. I didn't realize how much vintage stuff was on there! But my unique finds will be showing up in projects and in my booth over the next few months (like). Here is a sampling...

Received a photo of a client's finished vanity...I need to mention that I helped her with all the selections and designed the custom vanity but I was not on-site for the reno. It kills me where the sconces/mirrors are placed. Argh. Regardless...this bathroom is AMAZEBALLS (to quote Guiliana)!

Speaking of AMAZEBALLS, check out how good these floors look in my client's new house...

Remember we were selecting the stain a few weeks ago?

Yeah, we picked the right one!

I can't for the life of me remember what design thing I was searching for when this photo popped up but I just had to save it and share it with you fine people...

I mean WTF???

Was in the Charleston Mercury (local paper) for the Design Sponge book signing event I told you about.

Marked a bunch of stuff down in my booth over at Southern Accents. I am making room for LOTS of new additions coming in the next few months. LOTS. I've been a very busy girl. Go check it out...great stuff to decorate for the holidays, great gift ideas and as always stuff to decorate your home just in time for the relatives to come visit!

And this week's featured item is this killer fabric pendant light...

Orange with chocolate brown trim, 2 lights
@24"diameter, 5"h, hardwired

Have a great weekend!

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