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I'm Thankful...

I might whine when I get too busy but I'm very THANKFUL that people pay me to design their homes.

I might roll my eyes when they continue to "parent" me but I'm THANKFUL to have amazing and supportive parents.

I might dream of new countertops and appliances but I'm THANKFUL to have a roof over my head.

I might joke about wishing I had a niece to play with but I'm very THANKFUL to be an aunt to three of the best nephews a girl could ever ask for!

I might complain about the heat and humidity in mid-August but I'm THANKFUL to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

I might need "Sidney" time every now and again but I'm THANKFUL to have great friends to spend time with when I don't! xoxo

I might wish for a new wardrobe but I'm THANKFUL to have clothes on to keep me warm.

I might gripe about my weight and/or physical flaws but I am THANKFUL to be healthy.

Sometimes we need to put things in perspective, don't we?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I'm taking some much needed time off...be back in a few days.

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