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Irk-Some Design Words

There are several words used regularly in the design industry that I just don't like. No, I don't like them at all. I will share them with you immediately.

Yes, it can mean "original" or "unconventional" or even "eccentric" which I think can be a good thing in design. But it can also mean "having a moldy or musty smell" or "having a strong, offensive or unwashed odor." (i.e. your gym shoes smell funky as does rotten meat) I just don't like this word.

This word pretty much means "fanciful" or "playful" which is all well and good, I suppose, if you are designing a child's room or perhaps a Fun House. However, I just don't think of those feelings when I am decorating a client's home.

It means "combining elements from a variety of sources or styles." I don't like it because it is just WAY over-used. It is one of those design terms that people use when they don't know what else to call the time period or design style they are referencing. Yes, I realize this is the name of my company.

[Ya know...let me expand on that...I DO like the word for many reasons, obviously or else it would not be the name of my business! So let me explain why I DO like it. I like the word itself, visually, I think it looks good written (although spelling it ten times a day is annoying! P.S. while we're at it...no, it's not "electric" and there are no "g's" in "eclectic" I'm just sayin'). And I like what it stands for meaning I do like what the word actually means and it really does define my overall design aesthetic. Just wanted to clarify that and why it IS the name of my business. Plus, I want to have a shop one day and I think it will make a cool name.]

Now it is not to say that these words have never come out of my mouth or fingers since I blog. But they do irk me! And where not to voice my opinions than my written soapbox. Lucky you! Are there any design terms that irk you?

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