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Modern Country

There are a lot of reasons people can hate on country music. I am aware of this and I totally get it. But I am still a major fan. I am a fan of old school country but the new cheesy stuff too. I am not afraid to admit this. You can make fun of me alllll you want! I will sing it out loud in the car, by myself so I don't offend others, of course. And I will dance front row, center, if at a concert. I live for the CMA's which were on last night. Now it seems like the CMA's are on like three times a year which is fine by me! I realize I have probably lost all non-country fans by now and if so, I'm sorry but for those of you that are still with me...how great were they??? Holy moly! Zack Brown singing Georgia On My Mind with Gregg Allman! Yowza.

My boyfriend, Blake Shelton won Male Vocalist of the Year. I heart him. I mean really, really heart him. The perfect blend of funny, confident and self-deprecating.

Then his wife had to go and win Female Vocalist of the Year and talk about their big night together...(sigh).

Moving on...

So since I am becoming about as swift with the segues as Carrie Bradshaw is with the puns, I am going to now talk about Modern Country in design terms. I am so hot on mixing country elements in with modern decor! I would really like to call it "Nouveau Redneck" but I don't think it would go over so well. Here are some examples.

Oh how I long for little shelves like the ones in the corner.
Mint | white
wood beams!
barn doors
use for old windows...fab.

What do you think? Are you "Nouveau Reneck"?

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