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Gotta Make Everyone Happy

I am looking for bar/counter stools for a client...not an easy task in my opinion. Let me clarify, I could pick out bar/counter stools all the live long day but my dang clients have to voice their opinions! Apparently they need them to be "comfortable" and "cleanable" and "easy to move" and/or "swivel" and blah, blah, blah. Phooey. I tend to just focus on looks. Are you singing "You're So Vein?"? If you weren't, you are now...And if I didn't have to appease my clients, (you know I am teasing right? I love you! xoxo) I would go for some of these.

I'm heavily into an industrial + modern phase so I am majorly drooling over these...

Room and Board

And I still like theses guys.

Design Within Reach Stools

Or you can get the knock-offs for one-third the price on Overstock

Here they are in action...

I will always like the draftsman style. Always.

Crate and Barrel


And these occupy my dreams at night...

I mean really! I wish I had the designer's name handy to give him/her credit. Bravo!

Ok, back to finding some "functional" stools...

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