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Pro or Con: Karate Chop?

Do you karate chop or not? I use to be con-karate chop but now I am pro-karate chop. I'm not sure what sparked the change. I don't like it too look too perfect however (see Hranowsky below). But I do think it helps to make the pillow look more "alive." And you DEF need the right down insert to help with this. NO POLY FILLS! (Said like Mommy Dearest). But don't fret...you don't need skills like Bruce Lee.

Being an amateur is A-ok.

Caitlin Wilson

lee kleinhelter

Tobi Fairley

via materialgirl blog

Angie Hranowsky

I was Googling some images and saw that I am not the first to report on this topic.

via trianglehoneymoon

She illustrates the difference...

See how flat and lifeless the one on the left looks?

Are you pro or con???

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