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Hanging Out

So I have mentioned before how I love to analyze my dreams. I keep several books in my nightstand so I can quickly look stuff up before the dreams fly out of my head. Lately, I have been having lots of dreams of me hanging, like hanging out of an airplane or a helicopter or a tall building or a tree. I looked up "hanging" in several of my sources and they all told me that it means that I am "awaiting a big change in my life." Which is totally true. I am not going to get personal with y'all (although some could say having a blog is already getting personal) but it just AMAZES me that your subconscious can be smarter than you are! Anyway, in my best segue attempt I am going to relate my dreams to design and talk about the hanging Egg chair originally designed by Arne Jacobsen to resemble the womb. Man, Lady GaGa would have LOVED this man! It comes in both the "bubble" form and the "rattan" form and has been knocked off a kazillion times. I enjoy them all!

hanging chair = awesome


#hanging chair
A hanging chair!
#hanging chair
a hanging chair?
love the hanging chair!
need hanging chair
hanging chair
beautiful macrame and hanging chair
Hanging chair on porch off master bedroom

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