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Best Laid Plans

When I started my blog, I did it with the intention of showing design students (or potential designers) what the design industry was like day-to-day. I wanted to provide insight on the "real" in's and out's of interior design like client case-in-points and images of what I do during the week in the post "This Week I." Admittedly, I don't always follow through on this as I originally intended. While out in a showroom, I forget to take photos of what I am spec'ing. While in a client's home, I forget to take photos of the "after." While putting together selections, I forget to take photos of the concept board. You get the idea! I just get busy and regret/feel guilty that I don't show you more! But I wanted you to know what my intentions were (are).

Well, today I am going to show you something real. Something real, raw and dirty...the real, raw and dirty side of interior design.

I love my job. I really, really do! But some days are tough. Today was a really tough day. I won't go into specifics but in this job you work with lots of different people, you rely on lots of diffident people and you need lots of different people in order for your job to work. Some days things go well and some days they don't. Today just all around sucked. There I said it.

When I came home I didn't know which I wanted...

So I had both.

For dinner.

Then I did a little of this...

to my poor friend that answered her phone.
(Not at her, just to her.)

And then I had a good cry. Kinda like this...

So to those of you out there contemplating going into interior design...yes, it is "fun" (at times) but mostly it is very stressful and exhausting and a lot of hard work and your brain never shuts down. No, it is not brain surgery. But it is a lot more than just "playing around with color swatches." I just want to be upfront about that.

Not every day.

So give it to me Scarlet...

If you can survive war, Yankees, hunger and birthin' babies, then I can survive today.

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