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This Week I...

Started writing a post that I have already written. Ummm, what's up with that?

(I really need to get out more on Saturday nights)

About 3/4 of the way through writing it I started having de ja vu so I searched my own blog and realized why it sounded familiar...now that is just sad.

A friend of mine's dad recently passed away (unexpectedly) and it really made me appreciate and feel blessed that my parents are still in my life. I am busy with work (hallelujah!) but I left a day early to go to Beaufort to spend the day with my parents. My dad and I went antiquing in Walterboro before my brother and his family got there. I was hoping my mom would join us but she spent the day cooking (you might be thinking 'poor thing' but I think she preferred the solitude and the calm before the storm!). I had never been to Walterboro before and it was like most Southern towns...you can see how great they once were and dream of how great they will be again. It make me sad, sad enough to tear up a bit at all the vacant storefronts. But there was still a lot of great shops in this adorable quaint town and we really enjoyed our quick visit!

So the night before we went, my dad and I were discussing that we should make sure all these shops were still open. So what did he do? He photocopied the page from the phonebook. What did I do? I Googled it on my iPhone. Can you say generation gap? lol Anyway, speaking of generation gap...while shopping we found this old blackboard and my dad holds it up and says "Now this is my idea of an iPad." He makes me laugh.

Check out these amazing old Chevron floors from one of the antique stores!

I really wanted this English canopy chair but it wouldn't fit in my car (sad face).

I think these old enamel letters would be killer if you were the 4th...like Wade Hampton IV or whatever. I think some dude should hire me off this idea alone! I mean there are a million IV's in Charleston.

I really wanted these! They are ottoman size and I wanted to buy them and paint them a fun color like peacock blue. What do you think? My dad said they look like chess pieces and talked me out of them. I have not-buyers remorse.

Had fun spending time with my brother and his family too. My dad was mocking my brother, my sister-in-law and I because we were all sitting in the living room watching TV while simultaneously playing Words With Friends on our iPhones. [I think he felt left out.] I am really enjoying watching my nephews grow up and grow into their individual personalities. T (the youngest) is just hysterical, the constant entertainer who never ceases to surprise me. He came into the kitchen and asked how he could help, I thought Eddie Haskel style, yet he seemed to really mean it once he got started...

Exhibit A

Garrett (the middle child) is really into art and immediately asked if he could draw something (he knows that granddad is a super talented artist and he could pick up some pointers). Then when he saw that everyone was taken with his masterpieces, he decided to start charging. He made quite a profit! And as a business major, I was very impressed with his keen business sense...he's a natural.

One of my purchases title: Venus and Earth

Finn (the oldest) is super smart and a great athlete. He was either playing football in the front yard or asking me to do his word search with him. He has a hard time being idle and I can relate to that! It freaks me out how old he is getting...he started to talk to me about girls!!!!!!!

All in all, I'm just glad they want to spend time with me at all! I dread the days when I am not cool Aunt Sidney. I secretly try to beef up on their lingo so I can stay in touch.

Got a text from a client saying "Hey, we have 14 people coming over for dinner tonight and FYI our house looks fabulous! Just wanted to say thank you." It is moments like that which make it alllll worth it. I really do love my job! And I really needed to hear that this week as I have been really stressed out which as any designer knows, can lead to burn out. So many thanks back to you!!!

I have marked all tables down in my booth over at Southern Accents (among other things). Stop by and take a look! I am trying to make room for lots of new merchandise coming in the new year.

Um, in case you didn't hear...a lil' team called the Georgia Bulldogs is playing in a lil' game called the SEC Championship this Saturday. Yeah, that's right.


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