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Illustration Friday: Forward
I've been looking forward to this time of year... SEED CATALOG time. Pages full of the promise of the golden goodness of summer.
As I was looking through the stacks of seed catalogs last night I had to laugh. My baby-sitters father used to read me the Burpee seed catalog. He would go page by page tasting each veggie ...or bug... and make faces. We would laugh for hours. Now, when I look at the pages I'll think how good that juicy ripe tomato looks and laugh out loud as I hum at the gorgeous fruit on the page.
I've been thinking about moving forward ... and staying put ... right here on this blog space.
As I've been trying another space on for size and thinking about moving there I've realized - There is no need to move to a new space. I can move forward right here.
Burbs and the Bees.
Simple fact is...I am a bee-girl.
The tag line has changed a bit:Doodling on the suburban homefront.
So I think I am going to just keep "doodling around" right here...Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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