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Stop The Madness

I am totally obsessed with Pinterest [I couldn't get on there for a few weeks because I was just too busy and a few of my friends called to see if I was ok because I had not been Pinning! lol] I told myself I wouldn't buy any more design books and I need to start weeding out the ones I have. Well...apparently I have a full-on addiction because I can't stop buying design books! Seriously, I might need rehab. I went to return a book at Barnes & Nobel that I bought as a Christmas gift but found out the person already had it and their return policy is that you have to exchange it for the same amount or greater. Well...guess what I did.

So meet my new friends/enablers...

These first two are great for homeowners as they aren't just visual, they are "teaching" give you many how-to's and case-in-points.

We are going to talk more about her later. And I don't mean that in the Mean Girls kinda way. She is my latest Design Crush!

I have to admit I was drawn in by their colorful spines...

I do love you Pinterest and I think creators, former venture capital analyst Paul Sciarra and Ben Silbermann, a former Google advertising product specialist, are BLEEPING brilliant! But I can't seem to let go of beautiful, hardback decorating books! I like looking at them and using them in decor. They are all over my house! [Cut to the scene from my Hoarders episode.]

Are you following me on Pinterest? Search for me! Maybe it will encourage me to stop the madness knowing I have people relying on me for my Pins.

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