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Did you watch? Just kidding. It's like the most watched event in TV land. Congrats to the Giants! I really could care less about pro-football. But I am happy for the players that worked hard and earned their win.

Don't worry Tom...most men would say you still win.

I went to a Superbowl party that my friends throw each year but this year my friend Lauren helped with the decor. She started an event planning/vintage rental business called Muster Branch (website coming soon!). She only had a week to prepare but she did such a good job! See for yourself...

Post-game some of the decor got defamed a lil bit...

And now a lil Superbowl inspired interior decor...

Coastal Living

Elle Decor

via sensationalcolor.com

via Apartment Therapy

via House Beautiful

via Baygreendesign

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