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I'm A Big Fan

How much do we love her?

I'm a big fan of Giuliana . No, I do not know her personally. And yes, she is a TV Host/reality star so I might only be seeing an edited version of her but the reasons I admire her, I feel, are very genuine. Giuliana is a woman who had a dream and worked really hard to achieve her goals. What's not to admire about that? Plus, I feel like she is gracious about her success. She didn't expect it, and is in slight awe and disbelief of it despite the fact that she earned it. That humility is what, in my opinion, makes her so likable.

I also really like that Giuliana is a woman who proves that you can have it all-a successful career, a functional/loving relationship and motherhood (as was announced yesterday...yeah!). Just because you are driven, doesn't mean that you don't want those other things and I like that she represents that in a positive way. And she might have achieved love a bit later in life but I think that is because she only planned to do it once and waited for the right man. I respect that.

And Giuliana is positive and funny. Two things that are very important! Giuliana has been really optimistic throughout her quest to get pregnant, despite how emotionally difficult and physically taxing that must be on her. And now that she is also fighting breast cancer, she is still finding a way to remain encouraged about her future. Somehow she continues to work hard, keep a smile on her face and make jokes despite all her struggles.

I totally started bawling yesterday when I heard that they were going to have a baby! Again, I do not know these people and I really don't watch their show that much but I have just been a cheerleader for them (along with the rest of the world)! And as an unmarried 36 year old woman who wants five kids (yes, I know) I think their story pulled at my heart strings. Anyway, so so happy for them!!!

And now to bring it back to interior design...

I've also enjoyed watching them tackle the building/remodeling of their homes. I love'd G's quote "I need Rosetta stone for decorating" when she was complaining that she didn't understand what Bill and their decorator, Jennifer were talking about. Hilarious.

[Giuliana if you happen to be reading this, there is no need to get a restraining order.]

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