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The weekend proved to be much more productive than last week, thankfully. I think the guilt made me do more to make up for lost time! Studio time on Saturday was great - back to screen printing after a month off, making prints to eventually sell in the shop. As loneliness is such a hazard of being a freelancer working from home it felt great just to spend time with other like minded people. I can easily get lost in my own thoughts while I'm printing one after the other, after the other, after the other... But then I snap out of it and wander around to see what everyone else is up to. We all have quite differing styles & influences but we're all drawn together by the same medium, it can be really quite inspiring. Apart from being in the studio, I indulged in some awesome new paintbrushes (yes, these are my indulgences), Bill and I ate far too much junk food, spent many an hour sitting around chatting and just generally relaxing. Yesterday was glorious weather all day so we eventually decided to go out on our bicycles for some much needed fresh air and exercise... within about 5 minutes the rain started and then came hail like I have never seen before. It was, in a word, painful. Aside from that the goods above caught my eye this weekend. I would like them all, please and thank you. Hoping everyone else had a good weekend? Listing below... 1 / The Lorella Dress by Teatum Jones in Autumn Pink heavy silk.

2 / Love Cross T-Shirt by Zoe Karssen from Liberty.

3 / Beautiful Antler Drawing & Flower Photograph by wonderful photographer Kari Herer.
4 / Appropriately named Jazzhands Glitter shoes from Top Shop.
5 / Crystal Jersey Tunic Dress by Draw In Light from Liberty.

6 / Teardrop Terrarium by ABJ Glassworks.

7 / An Alphabet of London by illustrator Christopher Brown.

8 / Great British Food by the founders & chefs at Canteen, available at Liberty.

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