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So it turns out that this week I have seventy-million things to do, oh and it's halfway through Wednesday already. WHAAAT? When most people find themselves in this situation they probably just get down to business, instead of maybe spending hours drooling over things they can't have on Pinterest or working out to the last minute what time they should leave the house tonight to arrive at the swimming pool for optimum no-teenager / hairy man time; or perhaps having another cup of coffee because it's a GREAT distraction to wait by the kettle (3 minutes - but you can drag it out to 4 if you stare into the fridge looking for snacks and then realise you just need to get out the milk); or wishing they'd just damn well washed their hair this morning instead of being lazy so they have to keep looking in the mirror telling themselves they're pretty gross for not washing it, or thinking the Toronto Maple Leafs hoodie they're wearing really is their favourite and why don't they wear it more often but that it needs to be washed with the new washing powder they just bought because the old one gives them a headache...
Clearly this is a thinly veiled disguise for how I've spent my day. No prizes. It doesn't help that the weather has been abysmal or that it's FREEZING in my house today or that I am just really not feeling it. Procrastination is most definitely my worst enemy which normally I can mentally beat with a very large pokey stick, but not today. It wins, hands down.

Naturally I couldn't leave you with a post all about my inability to do anything constructive with my day so I decided to make a music mixtape (I am 30 and yes I still say tape) for your ears to help you get through your working day and hopefully to finally get me through mine. HA!
Track Listing:
1 / Half Full Glass of Wine > Tame Impala2 / Gold On The Ceiling > The Black Keys3 / Somebody To Love > Jefferson Airplane4 / Aroused > Tom Vek5 / Young Girl > Dawn Landes6 / Rinse Me Down > Bombay Bicycle Club7 / Blood To Gold > Boy & Bear 8 / L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N > Noah And The Whale9 / I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun > Minnie Riperton
10 / Blues Run The Game > Headless Heroes11 / Lullaby (Mountain) > The Acorn
GET YOUR WORK ON! from heyjo on 8tracks.
PS - I refuse to believe I'm the only one who has wasted days like this - anyone else? How do you overcome days like this? Since working from home for myself I find these days just lead to increased stress levels and feelings of extreme worry!

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